The ways of delivery and shipping costs of your ordered products vary depending on the region and on the means. specifically: 

1) Delivery by our company:

Our company can make the delivery of your order with its own means of transport, within 1-5 days for products readily available in the following areas of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.

-within Thessaloniki Prefecture in the following areas:

Municipality Thessaloniki Municipality Kalamaria, Municipality Thermaikos (Perea, Michaniona, Epanomi), Municipality of Thermi (Vasilika, Thermi Mikra), Municipality Pylaias- Chortiatis (Panorama, Pylaia, Chortiatis, Asvestochori), Municipality Ampelokipoi - Menemeni (Ambelokipi, Menemeni) kordelio-evosmos (Kordelio, Evosmos), Municipality of Neapoli - Sykies (Saint Paul, Naples, pine, Sikies), Municipality Paul Mela (Stavropol, Polichni, Efkarpia), Municipality Oraiokastro (Oraiokastro), Delta, Thessaloniki (Echedoros).

-within prefecture Chalkidiki and specifically in the Municipality of Kassandra during the summer months (June to July-August)

The delivery of products in the above areas is free for orders exceeding EUR 200, while the charge for orders not exceeding EUR 200 ranges as follows:

a) value order from 1-100 euro, the debit is 10 euros

b) order worth 100-200 euros, the debit is 5 euro

Notes: (1) In order costs and debit include VAT. (2) Where the products are not available we will need additional 2-3 business days 

2) Delivery via courier company:

Within Greece, via TNT courier company, within 1-3 working days for readily available products, with a minimum charge of 3.84 euros. The choice of courier company consists of lightweight case order, which wish to be delivered to your door in the shortest time. In this case, the charge is formed according to the price list of the company courier, ensuring you the best deal for most advantageous courier. After selecting products to purchase, the user - client is updated each time through our website for the cost of transport of the order via the courier company, which is determined depending on the weight of the product and the area of ​​their delivery. Except in the case of payment on delivery (not exceeding EUR 500 million), transport by courier company should be paid in advance together with the price of the ordered products. 

3) Delivery by transportation company:

For large volume orders and weight (eg more than 70 kg) is recommended to be dispatched via transport company because the cost in this case is significantly lower compared to the courier company. For your convenience and to select the most advantageous offer, is recommended a prior contact with us. In this case, transport costs are paid by you directly to the carrier upon receipt of the products.

4) Delivery from our company:

From Monday to Friday (hours 8:00 to 17:00), you can receive the products ordered from our company is located in the Heart of Thessaloniki (N.Rysio, TR 57500), without any charge shipping costs. Recommended prior contacting us at number 23920 72040.

Note : Please note that customers abroad incur additional funds that may arise due to customs clearance costs, payment of taxes, differences in rate guarantees, etc., for which our company is not responsible. In any case, all trading relations with countries within and outside the European Union is governed by European Union Law and the Law of International Conventions.