In what ways can I order?

1 Through the website of our online shop

2 By telephone or sending e-mail or fax.

How can I pay?

1 Cash on delivery (only for Greece) and purchases to 499 euros.

2. Charge to your credit / debit card.

3 Through PAYPAL.

4 By bank deposit to a bank account

5 Pay at the address of our company.

Can I return the products after I have received them?

The product return is accepted only if the product is damaged.

In a case of returning the products,have my money refunded?

The money is returned to you upon request with our company.

Can I cancel my order that I have given? And if so, at which stage?

Yes, there is a possibility of cancellation of your order before it's completed and shipped.

What are shipping costs?

The transportation costs of delivery of the products that you buy vary depending on the amount of the payable amount of your order, the place of delivery and the delivery option.

How can I know the delivery time of the products I ordered?

The delivery time of products ranges from 1 to 5 days, depending on location and delivery method. Differences that may exist at this time may be due to non-available products. In this case we get in contact with you and inform you about the final delivery time of your order.

Can I come to buy from the natural store products?

From Monday to Friday (hours 8:00 to 17:00), you can receive the goods you have ordered from our company headquarters located in Thessaloniki Kardia (N.RISION, ZIP 57500), without of course to be charged with shipping costs. Recommended first to contact with us, number 23920 72040.