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The site is the online store selling products via internet, the company under the name "Filoi Ellinikon Oinon I.K.E. "and the distinctive title" Friends of Greek Wine "and" Filelloinon "(hereinafter" Company "). The company's activity is commercial, dedicated to trade and delegations of beverages, based in Thessaloniki Kardia (N. Rision, P.O 57500) and AFM 800339661, DOY Kalamarias.

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Phone Orders: 23920 72040

Fax: 23920 72040

With the creation of this online store, our company aims to inform all users of the internet about our products combined with the ability to make purchases through remote online ordering that is always subject to the availability of products.The use of our online store and your purchases through this,are determined and governed by the following terms and conditions which are completely compatible with the existing Greek, European and international law.

Make you have read and fully understood the following, and that you agree with these terms and conditions, assuming the obligation to keep them because the further use of the website and purchases through this, implies explicit and your unconditional consent and acceptance .


Users of this website recognize the company's right to unilaterally amend parts, components and provisions of these terms and the content of the Site at any time it is necessary in accordance with commercial practice and in good faith without prior information, consent, or the assent, provided that no binding legal obligations relate to the company and without affecting already placed orders for execution. In each case the undertakes to alert them.

Any contract made ​​by the uses the Greek language, which you state that you fully understand (reading and writing). .

In any case is prohibited the use of our online store by minors, ie persons who have not attained 18 years of age as well as by persons lacking legal capacity. .

Users of this website are obliged to use our online shop according to the law, morality, and these terms and conditions and to refrain from acts or omissions, which may cause damage or malfunction, or use influence or endanger the services of our online shop or offensive nature or form that is punishable.


In order to carry out any transaction through, namely to order products of our company, please first create an account and then fill in the prescribed order form, which will ask you the disclosure of certain personal information, such as your name, address, contact telephone number etc.

According to the rules of protection of personal data, as provided by the Greek and European law and international conventions on issues of electronic commerce (indicative Directions 2000/31 / EC 95/46 / EC, N. 2251/1994 on consumer protection , N. 2472/1997 to protect individuals against the processing of personal data as applicable), the is bound and expressly states that it will not make any illegal or unauthorized use of your personal data, that will remain confidential and in no way divulge, publish, sell, rent or exchange them to any third person or entity, except for the application of relevant legal dictations to the competent and only public authorities .

The may use data of user-clients coming in that at the time of their order,in order to communicate directly with them regarding the completion and execution of the order. Further, the may keep on file, to use or process part or all of the information you send to place your order, to support and promote our contractual relationship and for reasons statistical or traffic of the website. Each user / client of reserves the right to information, access or refuse to any further processing of data under Articles 11 to 13 N. 2472/1997, as applicable.


The name, the disctintive title, trade mark, images, graphics - logos, distinctive features, text and anything else are contained in the website that are goods of intellectual property of our company and are protected in accordance with the law. Marks, names, and other intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, which are set forth in our website are protected according to the legislation. Prohibited to the user - the customer copy, reproduction, dissemination, distribution, or transmission in any way of use, beyond the uses that expressly set out in this website.


The is bound for the completeness and accuracy of the contents, data and information that are available on the website, provided that come exclusively from himself and from their partners and has no responsibility for the completeness and validity information and data that are relayed and are reproduced from third sources on its website. This website may include links to other websites. The is not responsible for the content of these pages or for any loss or damage which may arise from their use, as the user has access to them entirely on his own responsibility.

The does not guarantee the availability of products shown on the website, but undertakes to alert customers of their availability .The has no responsibility in case of default against customers because of random events or force majeure or fault of other entities.

Our e-shop makes every effort for right and proper function of this site and is not responsible for any technical problems or viruses that occur to those users relating to the operation or compatibility of their infrastructure with this website.

In no case is not responsible for any claims of civil or / and penal nature nor for any damage (direct, special or consequential, which indicatively and not restrictively, alternatively : loss of profits, data, compensation, etc..) from users of the Website o rthird parties of reason that is related to the operation or not and / or use of the Site and / or failure to provide services and / or information available from this and / or and any unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and / or services and / or information available through it. In these cases, the user waives under specific terms and conditions of any right or relative claims.


The user - customer through the website of our online shop is informed by the company before the completion of the order for the identity and address of the supplier, the main characteristics of the product, the price, quantity, transport costs, way of payment, delivery,duration and price of any bid, as well as the right of withdrawal. It is clarified that all prices of products listed and displayed on our website include the legally foreseen Value Added Tax (currently 23% or 13% as appropriate), and all required excise duty, subject to the right of our company to adjust those values ​​whenever is deemed necessary.


The user - customer is informed before any order for the following rights:

A) Right of Withdrawal

Within fourteen (14) calendar days after the receipt of the products, you have the right to withdraw without giving any reason and at no charge from the purchase of some or all of the products returning to our company these products in the same excellent condition that received them and paying only the cost of return. In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the will return you within thirty (30) calendar days from returning the full price of the returned products, and how to return the monies paid will be determined after consultation and communication with you . It is clarified that the amount of money will be refunded due to withdraw from the contract and after the return of the ordered products, purely and exclusively represents the amount paid of purchase the goods and not paid in cash equivalent to the delivery costs.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you should: a) fill in and send the specific statement of withdrawal that you find here, b) to include in any case the sales receipt, along with the dispatch of the the statement of withdrawal. and c) to send us, in the address, the product in the same excellent condition as you received it,ie without have been altered, tampered with or unsealed the packaging and definitely confirming that they have not removed the specific product labels. Return and cancellation will be accepted only with prior approval of our company under these terms and conditions.

B) Right of Replacement / Refund:

Despite our continuous efforts to deliver the best service to you, there is a slight chance that the product you receive is damaged or corrupted. If, therefore, it is fault of our company, then you have the right within 48 hours from receipt of defective or damaged products,to request either the replacement of another or the return of your money. In this case you need within that time to inform us and tell us in a concrete way them problem that is occurred, as well as send it to us at your expense the item in the condition you received it, accompanied by the invoice issued sale - Delivery Note or Receipt Retail-Consignment.In the case that we will find on his return that the product was defective or tainted by our fault, our company covers the costs of return, and upon consultation with you either we send you new product at no charge, or refund you the money market.

C) Possibility to Cancel Order

Finally, you may cancel your order at no charge, provided that the cancellation is made before the mission. In case of cancellation of the order after sending and before the delivery, the customer is charged only with transport costs.

Note (1): In case of any incorrect receipt of product (ie a product different from what you ordered), please tell us immediately in order to replace it immediately, free of charge transportation costs.

Note (2): In any case of request of a refund of part or all of your order for any of the above reasons, please contact to our company for better and more efficient service.


The total price of our products listed and displayed on our website include the legal VAT and estimated amount of 24% , subject to the right adjustment of these values ​​whenever is necessary.


Conducting order through our online shop www., constitutes a contract of sale, of distance adjustable from the legislative framework of Law. 2251/1994, as applicable.

These terms and conditions of our online shop, including any modification, renewal or change and all generally awarded contracts are governed by the applicable national, EU and international law. Particularly relevant are the provisions of N.2251 / 1994 on consumer protection, as amended by N.3587 / 2007, which regulates issues relating to electronic commerce and of distance selling products, as well as relevant provisions of European Law . Competent courts to resolve legal disputes which arise and are not resolved amicably by visiting or using this website as well as contracts awarded of distance render the Courts of Thessaloniki.


The user - customer through the website of our online shop informed by the company before the completion of the order about the identity and address of the supplier, the essential characteristics of the product, price, quantity, transport costs, payment terms, delivery, the duration and price of the offer and any withdrawal rights