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The history of grape condiment production takes us back 2500 years in the region of the near east. There they were introduced to the Greeks and then the Romans who appreciated them and introduced them in their dietary habits and daily life. There are numerous references for their use in ancient Greece from the Oxymelon and Melas Zomos to the remedies of Hippocrates and the recipes of Deipnosophistae. The Aceto Botanico Adriani is produced from selected white grapes from Drama. Their juice will produce concentrated must and wine vinegar which will be combined and begin ageing. Following the production process of the famous balsamico tradizionale, the ageing of Aceto Botanico Costa Lazaridi Gold Seal takes place in batteries of small barrels and lasts 8 years. The consecutive passing from barrels of 50 to 3 litres made from Oak, Chestnut, Cherry and Ash, results in an aromatically rich condiment capable of literally transforming the simplest or more complex culinary creations. Use it moderately over brazed meat, mature cheese, and fresh strawberries or be original, and serve it on panacota or vanilla ice cream and impress.


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